Foundation Year Programs Overview

Foundation Year Programs Overview

Foundation Year

The Foundation Year is an exploration of techniques, ideas, and the visual vocabulary of artists and designers. Although the work in each of the major areas of study involves specialized courses, the same basic principles of art apply. The objective of the Foundation Year is to provide the basic principles, giving a solid background of art fundamentals and techniques upon which to build an education as a professional artist or designer. The techniques and conceptual and visual skills that are developed in the Foundation Year will prepare the student for advanced study in their major.

FD 101A Anatomy / Drawing the Head 45 (1.5)
FD 101B Anatomy / Drawing the Human Figure 45 (1.5)
FD 103 Design 90 (3)
FD 104 Perspective 90 (3)
FDC 108 Basic Macintosh Computer 45 (1.5)
FDT108 Intro To Typography 45 (1.5)
FD120 Color 90 (3)
FD125 Painting 90 (3)
FD 135 Watercolor 90 (3)
FD 160 Spirit of Art 90 (3)
FD 180 Drawing 90 (3)
FA 127 *Ceramics
PH 170 *Photography
FA 175 *Printmaking
TOTAL REQUIRED COURSES 810 clock hours / 27 credit hours

TOTAL PROGRAM 900 clock hours / 30 credit hours

**Students may choose 1 of 3 electives to meet the program requirement.

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