The primary mission of the duCret School of Art is to prepare students for entry into a career in the visual arts.

To achieve this goal the School provides programs that blend a firm foundation in the basics with new technology, and gives the encouragement to explore, expand and refine personal creativity. The School also offers a wide range of opportunities to people of various ages and backgrounds, whether the student’s goal is to pursue a career in art, upgrade their skills, or achieve personal fulfillment through art.


Visual communication has been an essential part of human development throughout history. Today, more than ever, we live in an exciting and increasingly complex visual environment. The need to express and communicate ideas, personal experience and emotion is constantly evolving and expanding, and the well-trained artist and designer will play an ever greater role.

Presumably you are interested in becoming a part of this exciting environment and are looking for the right school to begin, or perhaps further your art education. Like many people, you may be uncertain of what to look for in an art school. This web site has been designed to provide information concerning the facilities, courses of study, and student activities offered at the duCret School of Art.

The duCret School offers a three-year program with concentrations in Graphic Design/Computer Graphics, Illustration and Fine Art. For over seventy years the school has provided a blend of quality art programs, emphasizing a strong traditional foundation in basic skills, combined with new technology.

In addition to our long standing record of excellence in art education, the school is proud of its tradition of public service. This positive presence and active involvement in the community will continue to have a major impact and far reaching effect on the culture and art education in the area.

Our focus is on the classroom and student. Each year we bring to the classroom some of the best artists and designers in the area. Our instructors offer their students the insight, knowledge and up-to-date skills of the professional artist.

Over the years, duCret students have distinguished themselves and brought recognition to the school through the many honors and awards they have received in prestigous national and regional events. After graduating, duCret alumni have embarked upon successful careers as art directors, designers, illustrators, art educators and award-winning fine artists.

We are proud of our program and invite you to join us. Just possibly, we are the right school at the right time to help you achieve a life-long ambition.

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