The duCret School of Art is located at 1030 Central Avenue in a historic section of Plainfield, New Jersey, within easy commuting distance of New York City and other important cultural centers.
Formerly the site of a private boys prep school, duCret is situated on an seven acre campus in a wooded residenteal area. The main building, built in 1896, is an 18 room victorian era mansion and is considered an excellent example of Early Georgian Revival Architecture. It contains administration offices and student boarding accommodations.

Subsequent additions by the previous occupants house classrooms, studios, a library, an art store, laboratories, and an auditorium / cafeteria / art gallery, occupying more than 37,000 square feet of space. The school endeavors to maintain and supply all the necessary equipment and materials needed to teach the programs offered, including: studio equipment such as tables, chairs, sculpture stands and easels, computers, scanners and printers, enlargers, studio lighting, potters wheels, kilns, printing presses, airbrush compressors, lucigraph projectors, stat camera and light table. Other instructional equipment includes VCR/20″ color TV, slides, projectors, 16mm. projectors, opaque and transparency projectors.


The library, available for use by faculty, students and alumni, contains over 10,000 volumes related to art and 3,000 art history slides, as well as, numerous VCR tapes pertaining to art. The library maintains subscriptions to many trade magazines, periodicals and catalogs. The library is often the center of student activity, where students can come to make copies, have work laminated and do research work.


The school store carries all the art supplies and textbooks needed for classes. The store personnel are glad to assist with any questions or problems regarding art supplies. Large items not available in the store, such as drawing tables, lamps, large marker sets, etc., may be special ordered. A list of supplies for each class can also be obtained from the store.


The cafeteria / student lounge provides a place for students and / or staff to gather for breaks, lunch, posting of notices, exhibitions of student work and to spend free time.


The Furman Finck Gallery is used for special exhibitions sponsored by the school or the Student Council. There are regularly scheduled art exhibits and special shows held in the gallery throughout the year.


The school maintains two computer labs which include Power Mac 7100’s, Macintosh G3’s, state of the art scanners, black and white laser printers, color printers, syquest zip drives, a Wacom Tablet and numerous software programs.


The ceramic lab is equipped with both kick and electric wheels, kilns, clay mixer, storage rooms, and work tables.


The printmaking / silkscreen lab includes 3 Brant intaglio presses, silkscreen sinks and an acid tray booth for etching.


The photography area is made up of a lecture room, both table top and figure studios, and a print and film developing dark room which houses 10 black and white enlargers, 1 color enlarger, film and print dryers and a copy stand.

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