Giới thiệu duCret School of Art

The School was founded in 1926 by artist and teacher Marjorie Van Emburgh. Its aim, then, was to create an institution where students could obtain an art education comparable with that found in schools and academies in major cultural centers.
The School was originally located in a large carriage house in a residential area of Plainfield, a small city located about thirty miles from New York City and not far from the Philadelphia metropolitan area. This location provided a quiet suburban setting with the advantages of the close proximity of those cities.
In the early thirties, in keeping with its mission of providing a high quality art education, the School’s teaching staff included such prominent artists as Jonas Lie, N.A., John Carlson, N.A., Yasno Kuniyoshi and William Zorach. In keeping with that tradition, the School continues to bring to the classroom some of the best artists, illustrators, and designers in the area.
By 1936 the School had outgrown its original quarters and obtained space in the Babcock Building, located in the center of the Plainfield business district.
Over the next two decades, the school continued to build a reputation for excellence in art education. During those years the School was approved by the Veterans Administration and the New Jersey Department of Education.
In 1964, the Van Emurgh School of Art was acquired by Dudley V. duCret and became the Van Emburgh/duCret School of Fine and Industrial Art, a privately owned institution. Ms. Van Emburgh remained a faculty member untill 1975. The School continued its tradition of excellence and marked steady growth.
The school officially became a private, non-profit corporation under the name “The duCret School of the Arts, Inc.” In 1970. That year, Philadelphia sculptor, Boris Blai, and nationally known portrait artist, Furman Finck, joined the faculty.
In 1977 the school moved to its present location at 1030 Central Avenue in a historic section of Plainfield. The school is now situated on a seven acre campus in a wooded residential area.
In the 1980’s the School continued to develop a reputation for providing quality art education and community service.
In 1980 the School sponsored its first annual New Jersey High School Student Art Show. The objective of this exhibit was to showcase the work of New Jersey’s talented high school students. Over the past 20 years the duCret School has exhibited the art of over 5’000 students representing 125 New Jersey high schools.
In the 1990’s the School added Computer Graphics to its program, incorporating this new technology into the curriculum. Although its mission to teach the basic principles of art has remained constant, the computer has had a tremendous impact on art education.
Today the programs of the School are under constant reassessment by the administration, teaching staff of working professionals, Board of Trustees, and outside advisors.
The duCret School of Art continually evaluates all aspects of its programs, and updates equipment and courses to meet student needs.

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