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The primary mission of the duCret School of Art is to prepare students for entry into a career in the visual arts.

To achieve this goal the School provides programs that blend a firm foundation in the basics with new technology, and gives the encouragement to explore, expand and refine personal creativity. The School also offers a wide range of opportunities to people of various ages and backgrounds, whether the student’s goal is to pursue a career in art, upgrade their skills, or achieve personal fulfillment through art.


Visual communication has been an essential part of human development throughout history. Today, more than ever, we live in an exciting and increasingly complex visual environment. The need to express and communicate ideas, personal experience and emotion is constantly evolving and expanding, and the well-trained artist and designer will play an ever greater role.

Presumably you are interested in becoming a part of this exciting environment and are looking for the right school to begin, or perhaps further your art education. Like many people, you may be uncertain of what to look for in an art school. This web site has been designed to provide information concerning the facilities, courses of study, and student activities offered at the duCret School of Art.

The duCret School offers a three-year program with concentrations in Graphic Design/Computer Graphics, Illustration and Fine Art. For over seventy years the school has provided a blend of quality art programs, emphasizing a strong traditional foundation in basic skills, combined with new technology.

In addition to our long standing record of excellence in art education, the school is proud of its tradition of public service. This positive presence and active involvement in the community will continue to have a major impact and far reaching effect on the culture and art education in the area.

Our focus is on the classroom and student. Each year we bring to the classroom some of the best artists and designers in the area. Our instructors offer their students the insight, knowledge and up-to-date skills of the professional artist.

Over the years, duCret students have distinguished themselves and brought recognition to the school through the many honors and awards they have received in prestigous national and regional events. After graduating, duCret alumni have embarked upon successful careers as art directors, designers, illustrators, art educators and award-winning fine artists.

We are proud of our program and invite you to join us. Just possibly, we are the right school at the right time to help you achieve a life-long ambition.





Ryan Beegle(Fall: Drawing Heads & Portraits; Spring: Drawing The Human Figure) Improve figure drawing skills by studying the underlying structure of the human form (bone, muscle, tendon and cartilage), while sharpening observational skills through careful study of surface form. Work from live models, photos, casts, a skeleton, and overlays of the muscular system as anatomical information is applied to artistic use.



The study of color, its characteristics and interaction through the medium of paint. The first semester is designed to acquaint students with basic properties of color identification, allowing the student to create and modify the ranges of hue, value and color strength, while mastering paint mixing and paint application. The second semester places emphasis on the study and application of color theory and systems to achieve designed effects in visual communication.



An introduction to fundamental concepts, focusing on problem solving with the basic elements of space, line, shape, pattern, rhythm, color, texture and volume. Students will learn the varied properties and qualities of each element as applied to the development of 2-D and 3-D solutions in visual art.



Introduction to the basic principles of drawing and composition, including observation of forms in their three dimensions, and to record or translate such forms accurately to the two dimensional limitations of the flat drawing surface, composing both the positive and negative spaces.



A course on how to operate a Macintosh computer through hands on exercises. Emphasis is placed on understanding the basics of working on a Mac, including use of the hard drive, floppy disks, memory, and file management, and an overview of popular Mac software.



An introduction to the use of typography and lettering as a design form used alone or with illustrative material. Emphasizes basic letter form, design, vocabulary, measurement systems, computer typesetting and compositional principles used while working with text and display type.



A study of the basic principles of oil painting and the use and care of materials and equipment. First semester, still life studies will be used to develop an understanding of drawing, composition, and value as related to painting, as well as, the application of color and rendering of textures in oil. The second semester will be devoted to a greater understanding of composition and color and exploring various painting techniques.



A concentrated study of the principles of perspective used in representing the three-dimensional world. Elements of mechanical one, two, and three point perspective using the T-square, triangle and rulers are covered. The visual principles of freehand perspective are applied to the development of images from imagination and observation.



This course provides the student with an overview of today’s field of art and the range of possibilities existing in the commercial and fine art areas. It will also expose the student to the major art history and design movements, institutions, and the names associated with them.



Realistic representation on drawing paper, illustration board, or other suitable material, of textures, tones, color, and surface qualities of a variety of objects. Emphasis is placed on the use of watercolor, although oil paint is explored.


du Cret School of Art Calendar 2003-2004

Fall 2004

August 25 Wednesday Orientation Day – New Students
August 30 Tuesday First day of the Fall Semester
September 6 Monday Labor Day – school closed
September 7-17 Tues. – Friday Receiving for Fall Student Show
September 26 Sunday Opening reception-
Fall Student Art Show
September 27-Oct. 8 Mon .-Fri. Fall student art show open to the public
November 15-19 Mon .-Fri. Receiving for miniature art show and sale
November 22-24 Mon .-Wed Receiving for miniature art show and sale
November 18 Thursday DuCret Open House
November 25-26 Thurs-Friday Thanksgiving Holiday- school closed
December 5 Sunday Opening reception miniature art show and sale
December 6-10 Mon .-Fri. Registration for spring semester
December 6-10 Mon-Fri. Miniature show- open to the public
December 9 Thursday Spaghetti Dinner
December 17 Fri. last day of Fall Semester

Spring 2005

January 17 Monday First day of the Spring Semester
January 27-28 Thurs- Fri. Receiving 25th annual NJ H.S. Student Show
January 31-Feb.2 Mon.-Wed. Receiving 25th annual NJ H.S. Student Show
Feb.25 Friday Opening Reception 25th annual NJ HS Student show
Feb.28- March 4 Monday-Fri. 25th annual NJ H.S. Student Show open to the Public
March 14-31 Mon. Fri. Receiving for Visual Communications show
March 21-25 Mon. Fri. Spring Break – School closed
March 27 Sunday Easter
March 28 Mon. Classes Resume
April 4 Monday Opening reception for Visual Communications Show 5:00- 7:00
April 4-8 Mon-Fri. Visual communications show open to the public
April 11-15 Mon .-Fri. Receiving for 21st annual Juried fine art show
April 18-22 Mon.- Fri. Receiving for 21st annual Juried fine art show
May 1 Sunday Opening reception – annual juried fine art show
May 2-6 Mon. Fri. Annual juried fine art show open to the public
May 11-13 Wed. – Fri. Senior Presentation
May 13 Friday Last day of the Spring Semester
May 19 Thursday Graduation – 7:30 P.M.



$7,100.00 payable in two equal installments of $3,550.00 one (1) week before each semester begins.
$25.00 (non-refundable) payable upon application (first time applicants only).
$100.00 Enrollment Registration Deposit must accompany a signed Enrollment Agreement. This $100.00 will be deducted from the first semester tuition.
The following courses have a $35.00, non-refundable, Lab Fee per semester: PHOTOGRAPHY, PRINTMAKING, CERAMICS. The following course has a $25.00, non-refundable, Lab Fee per semester: SILKSCREEN.
The following courses have a $50.00, non-refundable, Model Fee per semester: LIFE DRAWING, FIGURE DRAWING, PORTRAITURE, and SCULPTURE.
1 Class per week, per semester $370.00
2 Class per week, per semester $720.00
3 Class per week, per semester $1,080.00
4 Class per week, per semester $1,430.00
Each addition class per semester $355.00

Foundation Year Programs Overview

Foundation Year Programs Overview

Foundation Year

The Foundation Year is an exploration of techniques, ideas, and the visual vocabulary of artists and designers. Although the work in each of the major areas of study involves specialized courses, the same basic principles of art apply. The objective of the Foundation Year is to provide the basic principles, giving a solid background of art fundamentals and techniques upon which to build an education as a professional artist or designer. The techniques and conceptual and visual skills that are developed in the Foundation Year will prepare the student for advanced study in their major.

FD 101A Anatomy / Drawing the Head 45 (1.5)
FD 101B Anatomy / Drawing the Human Figure 45 (1.5)
FD 103 Design 90 (3)
FD 104 Perspective 90 (3)
FDC 108 Basic Macintosh Computer 45 (1.5)
FDT108 Intro To Typography 45 (1.5)
FD120 Color 90 (3)
FD125 Painting 90 (3)
FD 135 Watercolor 90 (3)
FD 160 Spirit of Art 90 (3)
FD 180 Drawing 90 (3)
FA 127 *Ceramics
PH 170 *Photography
FA 175 *Printmaking
TOTAL REQUIRED COURSES 810 clock hours / 27 credit hours

TOTAL PROGRAM 900 clock hours / 30 credit hours

**Students may choose 1 of 3 electives to meet the program requirement.



In order to be considered for admission to the duCret School of Art, an applicant must satisfy the following requirements:

1. An applicant must be beyond the age of compulsory school attendance.

2. They must possess a high school diploma, G.E.D., or its recognized equivalent. (A state certificate that says that the student has passed a state-authorized exam.)

*It is the applicant’s responsibility to produce proof of high school graduation, G.E.D., or the recognized equivalent prior to the first day of class. If the documentation can not be obtained, the applicant must submit a signed statement attesting that he/she is a high school graduate or has successfully passed the required G.E.D. examination or its recognized equivalent.

3. They must submit an application form with the $25.00 application fee.

4. They must complete a personal interview and present a portfolio.

Portfolio – All full time applicants and part time applicants enrolled half time or better (225 clock hours, 7.5 credit hours per semester) are required to present a portfolio that shows ability and/or potential in one or more of the following areas:drawing, painting, color, design and composition. The portfolio should contain approximately ten to twelve peices, including at least one black and white drawing, one piece showing use of color, and a self-portait or figure illustration. All work may be of any medium. Slides or prints may be submitted in place of 3-D works or works that are too large to hand carry.

Before enrollment applicants must:

1. Receive written acceptance into the school by the Director or his or her designee.

2. Complete an Enrollment Agreement (student contract) and pay the $100.00 registration fee, which is deducted from the first term tuition.

Orientation – An orientation program is scheduled for incoming students. The purpose of this program is to acquaint the students with the necessary requirements, rules and regulations of the school.


The duCret school of Art does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, age, handicap, or national or ethnic origin in admissions, employment, treatment, or access to its programs or activities.

If you would like a tour of our school, or just to “talk” to someone regarding our programs, please call the school at (908) 757-7171 Monday through Friday, 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. to schedule an appointment. We would be glad to discuss your career goals with you, or possibly answer any financial aid questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you soon.




received her B.F.A. from Syracuse University and M.F.A. from Maryland Institute of Fine Arts. She is a visiting lecturer at the N.J. Center for Visual Arts and is an exhibiting member of City Without Walls. She has exhibited extensively throughout New Jersey, New York and Maryland.


received her B.A. from Brooklyn College and M.F.A. from Pratt Institute. She is a graduate of the duCret School of Art. Her work has been shown in more than eighty juried and international exhibits. She is a member of the Alpha Beta Kappa National Honor Society and Ceres Gallery in New York City where she exhibits regularly. She is co-author of “Lives and Works, Talks with Women Artists”, and she is listed in Who’s Who of American Women.
Visit her web site to see more work


received her B.A. from Montclair State College and is a graduate of the duCret School of Art, and is a member of the Alpha Beta Kappa National Honor Society. She is co-owner of JMS Shirts, custom silkscreen printing.


is a graduate of the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts and attended Parsons, The Museum of Modern Art, The New School of Social Research and the Art Center of Northern New Jersey. She has exhibited in single and group shows in New Jersey and New York and has received numerous awards. She is a freelance graphic artist and fashion illustrator.


has a BFA from Washington University School of Fine Arts, St. Louis Mo., and an MFA from Tyler School of Art, Philidelphia, Penn.. She is an experienced teacher and has exhibited work in numerous shows and galleries, including Swain Galleries, Plainfield, Drawing Center, NYC, Darfingler Suydam Museum, Penn.. Most recently her work was featured in a “One Woman Exhibition” at Swain in Plainfield. Her works are also part of various collections including, Dean Witter, NYC, Evansville Museum, and PSEG, Newark.


is a graduate of the duCret School of Art. She has given private lessons in her studio and has exhibeited in numerous N.J. galleries, including the Renee Foosaner Gallery. Many of her paintings are in private collections


studied at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and the Art Students Legue, N.Y. He was also Instructed by famed illustrators Frank Reilley, James Bama and Norman Rockwell. He is the creator of over 800 book and magazine covers.


attended the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts, School of Visual Arts and The College of Marin. She is the owner of Murals by Kathleen, customized hand painted tiles.


has a B.F.A. from The School of Visual Arts, N.Y. He is a freelance artist/illustrator, focusing on Editorial and Children’s Illustration. his clients have included Rabbit Ears Productions, Simon & Schuster, Children’s Television Workshop, 3-2-1 Contact, Scholastic Magazine, and Henry Holt Publishers. His work has been shown at The Society of Illustrators, Master Eagle Gallery and The Mojave Gallery, N.Y.C.


is a graduate of DuCret. He is a partner in a small New Jersey design firm. His work can be seen at, and


has a B.A. from Monmouth College, Is a graduate of the duCret School of Art and has studied at the Art Students League, N.Y. He has exhibited in numerous shows in New Jersey and New York. His work is in many private and public collections, including the Midlantic Bank corp.


has an M.F.A. from Pratt Institute, N.Y., an M.A. from the University of Wyoming and B.F.A. from the Massachusetts College of Art. She has studied at the Rutgers Center for Innovative Printmaking, N.J., the Women’s Studio Workshop, N.Y., and Carriage House Paper in Massachusetts. She is a member of the Printmaking Council of N.J., the National Association of Women Artists, the Woman’s Caucus for Art, and the College Art Association. She has exhibited in solo and group shows throughout the U.S.


studied at the Rhode Island School of Design and the University of Hawaii. A self-employed graphic designer, he has over 30 years of experience that has included consulting director of advertising for Gruppo Agusta Ltd. His clients have included Butler Aviation, American Cyanamide, and Johnson & Johnson. He presently focuses on the publishing of books for museums including the U.S. Army Aviation Museum, the Reglean H. Curtiss Museum, and the Experimental Aircraft Association Museum.


is a graduate of the duCret Shool of Art. He has over twenty years of experience as a graphic designer in both print and web design. He is currently Senior Art Director of a major Pharmaceutical company.


has studied at Middlesex County College, the duCret School of Art and the School of Visual Art, N.Y. She is experienced in Macintosh, MS-DOS, and Windows platforms. Clients have included Princeton University, the Motor Club of America, and MCA INS.


is a graduate of the duCret School of Art. He has over twenty-one years of experience as a Graphic Designer in the areas of publications and corporate advertising.


attended the duCret School of Art. He is a member of the New Jersey Watercolor Society and Allied Artists. He has exhibited work at the Salmagundi Club, American Watercolor Society, and Allied Artists and has won numerous awards. He is represented by Swain Galleries, Plainfield, and Portraits Inc., New York, N.Y.
Visit his web site to see more work


has an AAS Photography from Middlesex County College; has apprenticed Classic Studio, Westfield. She is a member; PPA and NJAPP, PPANJ, Trustees Member of New Winona Affiliated School. She is the recipient of the professional Photographer of New Jersey Award 1997.


Mark is a graduated of Kean University with a B.F.A. Hs has also studied at the Arts Students League in New York as well as being instructed by famed illustrators. Tim and Greg Hildebrant, Joe Devito and Peter Caras. Mark specializes in Fantasy Illustration.
Click here to contact Mark.


has a B.A. from Kean University. She has studied at New Jersey Center for Visual Arts and at the duCret School of Art. She is the owner of DJL Design, Scotch Plains and is a member of NCECA, National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts, and the Potters’ Council. Debi’s ceramic work has been in National Juried Exhibitions and won several awards; most recently at the “Art Show at the Dog Show” and at the 2000 NJCVA Members’ Show.


received his B.F.A. from Syracuse University. He has over six years of experience in Graphic Design, Digital Pre-Press, and Illustration. His free-lance clients have included IBM, Technics, Panasonic, Merrill Lynch, and Hitachi.


is a graduate of the du Cret School of Art and has attended Kean University for teacher certification. Currently, he is the cooridinator of the Commercial Art/Multimedia department at Somerset County Technical Institute, Bridgewater, NJ. Ken is a freelance graphic designer and has taught commercial art and fine art classes for over 20 years. He is also former principle of KS Creative Art Services, Linden, NJ and has over 30 years experience in the commercial art field.


is a graduate of the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts and has studied at Seton Hall University. He is a former president of the N.J. Watercolor Society and has won numerous awards. He shows his work extensively throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania


is a graduate of the duCret School of Art and studied at the National Academy of Design, School of Fine Arts, N.Y. He is represented by Swain’s Gallery, Plainfield.


has studied at Parsons School of Design and the National Academy of Design. She is a member and Master Pastellist of the Pastel Society of America, Artist Equity, Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club and the Salmagundi Club. She is an award winning artist who has exhibited extensively throughout New York, New Jersey and Europe.



The duCret School of Art is located at 1030 Central Avenue in a historic section of Plainfield, New Jersey, within easy commuting distance of New York City and other important cultural centers.
Formerly the site of a private boys prep school, duCret is situated on an seven acre campus in a wooded residenteal area. The main building, built in 1896, is an 18 room victorian era mansion and is considered an excellent example of Early Georgian Revival Architecture. It contains administration offices and student boarding accommodations.

Subsequent additions by the previous occupants house classrooms, studios, a library, an art store, laboratories, and an auditorium / cafeteria / art gallery, occupying more than 37,000 square feet of space. The school endeavors to maintain and supply all the necessary equipment and materials needed to teach the programs offered, including: studio equipment such as tables, chairs, sculpture stands and easels, computers, scanners and printers, enlargers, studio lighting, potters wheels, kilns, printing presses, airbrush compressors, lucigraph projectors, stat camera and light table. Other instructional equipment includes VCR/20″ color TV, slides, projectors, 16mm. projectors, opaque and transparency projectors.


The library, available for use by faculty, students and alumni, contains over 10,000 volumes related to art and 3,000 art history slides, as well as, numerous VCR tapes pertaining to art. The library maintains subscriptions to many trade magazines, periodicals and catalogs. The library is often the center of student activity, where students can come to make copies, have work laminated and do research work.


The school store carries all the art supplies and textbooks needed for classes. The store personnel are glad to assist with any questions or problems regarding art supplies. Large items not available in the store, such as drawing tables, lamps, large marker sets, etc., may be special ordered. A list of supplies for each class can also be obtained from the store.


The cafeteria / student lounge provides a place for students and / or staff to gather for breaks, lunch, posting of notices, exhibitions of student work and to spend free time.


The Furman Finck Gallery is used for special exhibitions sponsored by the school or the Student Council. There are regularly scheduled art exhibits and special shows held in the gallery throughout the year.


The school maintains two computer labs which include Power Mac 7100’s, Macintosh G3’s, state of the art scanners, black and white laser printers, color printers, syquest zip drives, a Wacom Tablet and numerous software programs.


The ceramic lab is equipped with both kick and electric wheels, kilns, clay mixer, storage rooms, and work tables.


The printmaking / silkscreen lab includes 3 Brant intaglio presses, silkscreen sinks and an acid tray booth for etching.


The photography area is made up of a lecture room, both table top and figure studios, and a print and film developing dark room which houses 10 black and white enlargers, 1 color enlarger, film and print dryers and a copy stand.



Academic advising may be arranged through the Director, Dean, office personnel or individual faculty member, and is available to all students who wish to discuss academic courses, course selection, evaluation of student work, progress, or professional goals. Since many members of our staff have been professional artists and educators for many years they are highly capable to aid students regarding academic or career related concerns. Academic advisors are always available to aid students expressing personal or school related difficulties. If necessary, referral may be made to agencies or professionals within the community.



The duCret Student Council is organized by and for the students. The Student Council is made up of a president, student representatives and a faculty advisor. Student involvement in special events and activities is encouraged to fully experience the educational opportunities. Each year the Student Council sponsors many activities and shows, including the Miniature Art Show and Sale, Juried Student Fine Art Show and Visual Communication Show, Faculty Show, Spaghetti Dinner, Halloween Party, Winter Holiday Party and End of the Year Picnic. The Student Council also sponsors various fund-raisers such as Valentine’s Day balloon and candy sale, bagel sales and lunch specials to help defray the cost of their yearbook.

In addition to the events sponsored by the Student Council, the students have the opportunity to take part in a number of outside art shows and competitions. Outside shows have included exhibitions at Swain’s Gallery and The Children’s Specialized Hospital Gallery. Juried competitions have included The Society of Illustrators Student Show, Meade Paper Company National Design Competition, The New Jersey Art Directors Club Scholarship Competition and Print Magazine Cover Design Competition.

In 1992 the School established The duCret School Scholarship / Awards Fund to support and encourage students in their pursuit of an art education. The result of small private donations, awards are limited to insure the continuation of the program. They yearly include two (2) Ottilie Hann Weiss Awards, The Mildred and Furman Finck Memorial Award and the Walter P. Swain Memorial Award. The school offers two (2) one-half tuition scholarships through the New Jersey Cooperative Industrial Education Program. Recipients are selected by the C.I.E. program personnel and they must also follow the same admissions procedures as all other students applying to the school. Presently these scholarships have been partially funded by a private grant from the Arnold A. Schwartz Foundation. No approval letters are required by the State.

Students in their last year also work with the placement advisor to set up portfolio reviews, where they discuss portfolio preparation and presentation techniques, writing resumes and cover letters and the interview process. Actual placement occurs as positions become available through telephone and written requests, as well as, those prospective employers directly contacted. Placement services are available, not only for prospective graduates, but also for part-time students and alumni. Periodic questionnaires are sent to alumni which enable the school to maintain contact, determine present locations, personal data, and job status. Many of our alumni come back to the school as guest speakers and/or demonstrators. This not only enables us to keep current on their status, but to also maintain an excellent link between our present students and the alumni. These services enhance the school’s training programs by providing the students with events, activities and a support system that will enable them to fully experience the educational opportunities available at duCret.


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Accredited Member School ACCSCT

State of New Jersey Department of Education
New Jersey Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
U.S. and New Jersey Department of Veteran Affairs

Approval for the training of Veterans and the children of Veterans in accordance
with the rules and regulations administered by the State Approving Agency.

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Statement of Ownership

The official name of du Cret School of Art is The du Cret School of the Arts, Inc.
d.b.a. du Cret School of Art
The du Cret School of the Arts, Inc.
is an independent non-profit 501(c)3 institution founded in 1926
Telephone: (908)757-7171
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