The alumni news is a page dedicated to reporting on du Cret School of Art alumni. If you are a duCret alumni and would like to be listed on this page with other alumni please e-mail us
Jesse Titus ’02 Gary Kost ’01 Carrie Bolger ’01

Thomas Kerese ’01 Danielle Kondracki ’00 James Wolanin ’99

Jamie Luisi ’99 Damian Gonzales ’98 Robert Nicol ’95

Tom Krohne ’94 Brian Parish ’93 Jennifer Pagliarini ’92

Greggory Rapp ’90 Charles Vincent Sabba Jr. ’90 Susan Savad ’89

Kevin Storms ’87 Laura (Frisco) Bongarzone ’84 Rick Hasney ’83
Paul Elwood ’81 Deborah (Andreucci) Budney ’76 Suzan (Pletzner) Cordasco ’75
Jean Best ’73
Rick Pawelka

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